Australia bans Koreans from entering 99 countries

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Australia bans Koreans from entering 99 countries (2020.03.06)

Concerns about the spread of new corona infections (Corona 19) reached 99 countries that prohibit or restrict entry of Korean visitors. More than half of the world is based on the United Nations (193 countries).

Australia bans Koreans from entering 99 countries

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 41 countries prevent visitors from Korea as of 9 pm. 35 countries including Hong Kong and Turkey have been banned from all over Korea, and six countries such as Japan and the Philippines are banned from traveling to some regions, such as Daegu and Qingdao. In addition, Japan announced that it will segregate all entrants from Korea and China from government-designated facilities for two weeks.

Indonesia, the main partner of the new southern policy, also decided to ban visitors from the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions from August 8 to 14. Even if you are not located in Korea, an entrant from Korea must submit an English health certificate at the airline counter upon departure.

On the same day, the Australian federal government also added Korea to the banned countries in addition to mainland China and Iran. The Australian authorities said yesterday that the ROK’s response was positive, saying that “Korea has a clearer and more advanced medical system and has continued to disclose cases of confirmation (Australian Secretary of Internal Affairs Peter Durton).”

In addition, the Australian Foreign Ministry has raised its travel alerts for its own citizens. For the whole of Korea, the company upgraded to three levels of “travel inventory,” and in the case of Daegu, issued the fourth level, a travel ban recommendation. In response to the Australian government’s policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret for the Australian Ambassador to Korea. A Foreign Ministry official said, “Australian measures are temporary and we will continue to review them weekly, so we will work closely to withdraw as soon as possible.”

Although not banned, 58 countries, including China, enforce or recommend containment. 13 countries, including China, require mandatory segregation at designated facilities, and 45 countries have lowered their levels due to self-containment. In China, Hunan was added the day after Hainan and Yunnan provinces, and 17 provinces are quarantining Korean visitors.
bans Koreans from entering 99 countries

The United States did not hold official statistics, but mandated fever screening and corona19 symptom questionnaire for passengers departing from the United States and northern Italy from the United States. Boarding is denied if fever above 38 degrees is confirmed.

Some of the countries that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified as immigration bans or tightened containment measures have doubled the gap, including the suspension of new visas. India, which has been classified as a quarantine-intensified country, has ceased validating general and electronic visas issued to Korean, Italian, Iranian, and Japanese nationals. It effectively nullified the visas of citizens of those countries who have not yet entered India.

The Vietnamese government has been counted as a quarantine country, but since 29th of last month, the government has temporarily suspended its permission to enter Korea without visa. Vietnamese authorities have also restricted the sky by June 4th, with all flights departing from Korea using only Bundon and Phuket airports.



Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-hwa said in a meeting with reporters at the Incheon International Airport, which encouraged the government’s rapid response team dispatched to Vietnam this morning. Minister Kang said, “The results of the intensive inspections in Daegu have been increasing, but the number of confirmed patients was very high, but I think it will be reduced in the future.” It’s coming. ”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a briefing session with the diplomatic corps on June 6 to explain the government’s efforts to block the spread of Corona19 and to request that Korea not take excessive restrictions. Unlike the 25th of last month, the briefing session is presided over by Mrs. Kang.

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