Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals

Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals

A number of Wall Street veterans like Bear Traps Report author, Larry McDonald, think that markets might see some “disastrous and unimaginable” impacts in the near future. Another seasoned analyst, Larry Williams, believes the S&P 500 will shudder after July 28. Despite the pending doom edging toward traditional stock and equities markets, bullish crypto researchers believe the digital currency will see the opposite trend going forward.

Wall Street Vets Predict Disastrous Market Outlook

It's safe to say that a lot of people are concerned about the global economy and the financial systems leveraged in the country they reside in. This is due to the fact that governments worldwide responded to the Covid-19 outbreak by shutting down a large portion of the economy.

Despite the economic downturn, central banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve has been on a money creation spree. This has bolstered traditional stock and equities markets, but veteran economists think that this current run can only last so long.

At press time, the three top U.S. composite indexes; Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and NYSE, are all down on Friday, alongside big tech stocks too like Apple. People think that stock markets are still not reflective of reality just yet, and a number of analysts believe a hard economic recession is looming in the backdrop. Wall Street veteran Larry McDonald recently explained that government intervention exacerbates the economy and he called monetary interventions a “cobra effect.”

“Basic economic assumptions, or structures, will turn out to be much more fluid than policymakers can anticipate. Therefore the results will be disastrous and unimaginable,” McDonald stressed.

Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals
Inflation expectations chart from Bear Traps Report author Larry McDonald.

The “cobra effect” McDonald is talking about refers to a time in India when there were too many venomous cobras in the streets. So back then, the Indian government paid people per cobra if they turned the snakes in to local officials. However, Indian policymakers finally figured out that citizens started breeding cobras for extra income.

“We believe we are at the early stage of the biggest cobra effect in the history of economics,” the author of the Bear Traps Report wrote on July 21. “As the massive monetary and massive fiscal stimuli (over $15T globally) conjoin to save the economy from a deflationary depression, they will cause instead a hyperinflationary economic collapse.”

McDonald is not the only Wall Street veteran who believes financial markets are headed for disaster. Renowned trading expert Larry Williams has actually predicted an exact date. Williams recently told CNBC's Jim Cramer that the S&P 500 will top in July but at the end of the month, specifically on July 28, the S&P 500 is in for some volatility.

Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals 1
Wall Street trading expert Larry Williams expects the S&P500 to slide on July 28, 2020.

Cramer explained the recent analysis Williams provided and said he thinks the well known trader might be onto something.

“The charts, as interpreted by the legendary Larry Williams, suggest the S&P could climb another 4% or 5% over the next two weeks, but come July 28, he expects the market to start rolling over,” Cramer said on the broadcast “Mad Money.” “Given that the expanded unemployment insurance benefits from Washington expire at the end of the month, well, I wouldn't be surprised” if he's right,” Cramer added.

Bitcoin Analysts Believe ‘It's Hard Not to be Bullish Here'

Even though market analysts observing traditional stocks and equities expect an incoming dump, digital currency proponents expect crypto markets to move northbound. An “independent research boutique” that provides institutional investors with insight for today's markets, Nautilus Research, thinks bitcoin (BTC) looks bullish right now.

On July 23, Nautilus Research tweeted a BTC/USD chart that indicates a possible “bullish pattern.”

Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals 2
Bullish pattern on Bitcoin chart by Nautilus Research.

The same day, the popular Twitter account @thecryptocactus explained to his 14,000 followers that right now it's difficult to not be bullish.

“Hard not to be bullish here, as long as buyers defend this $9,500 level for the rest of the week ahead, I think we will be seeing a retest towards the local highs,” Cactus tweeted. No possible way to see this as bearish right now,” the individual added.

A number of other bitcoin proponents are very bullish about bitcoin's (BTC) price moving northbound in the near future. Investment strategist Lyn Alden recently published a research analysis of bitcoin, in order to explain why she is “currently bullish from a macro/generalist investor perspective, as part of a portfolio.”

Although, not everyone is so optimistic and some people believe we might be seeing a bull trap or fakeout. analyst Eran Gadot explained on July 24, that BTC may see some trouble ahead.

“Bitcoin broke out of a bullish pennant, but a significant supply barrier ahead of it may present trouble for its uptrend,” Gadot wrote on Friday.

What do you think about the bullish optimism bitcoiners have right now as traditional markets may see disaster? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals Bitcoin News.

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