Tim Draper: “Kamala Harris Can Learn Crypto”

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Tim Draper: "Kamala Harris Can Learn Crypto"
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Whether she will or not is another matter.

Sen. Kamala Harris, who was recently chosen to be U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden's running mate, may not be crypto savvy yet, but Tim Draper believes she can learn.

Harris is a native Californian whose political career has largely focused on her home state. She served as San Francisco's District Attorney, and currently represents the state in the Senate. 

Draper comes from a political family; his grandfather served as the first U.S. ambassador to NATO. Draper himself has been active politically as well. In 2014, he filed a petition to split California into six smaller states. Cointelegraph asked Draper about his expectations for Harris in relation to Blockchain, should she become the next Vice President. Draper responded:

“She was fair on the title and summary for 6 Californias, she was not a standout in the debates, but I think she has a good head on her shoulders, so she can learn crypto. We should get her a wallet if she doesn't already have one.”

He opined that if she needs help generating sound crypto policy, she should spend some time looking into the Blockchain policies enacted by the state of Wyoming. He said that the equality state's “government has been very progressive in crypto”.

Despite his neutral stance on Kamala Harris, Draper previously took to Twitter to endorse Brock Pierce for president.

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