Latest travel advisories for SE Asia, UK, Canada

Latest travel advisories for SE Asia, UK, Canada 1
Latest travel advisories for SE Asia, UK, CanadaStraits Times

While Thailand's borders are still closed to all but a very few foreign visitors, there are outbound flights to some destinations, but the Covid-19 crisis means that entry requirements are fluid and often unpredictable; Singapore will require some returning residents who self-quarantine to use an electronic monitoring device effective August 10, while Myanmar has extended the ban on international flights. Here are the latest travel advisory updates from around the world:

You can't enter Singapore for short-term visits whether for business or pleasure. You can transit though Changi Airport if you're travelling to Australia, cities in Asia, Europe and New Zealand, but only if you're on Singapore Airlines, Silk Air or Scoot Airlines, and connecting with the same carrier. You can't transit on flights by other airlines. Transit and flight options to and from Singapore change frequently. Contact Singapore Airlines for the latest flight and transit requirements. From August 10, if you're a long-term resident and get approval to enter the city, you'll need to use an electronic monitoring device if you self-quarantine outside of a government facility.

The ban on international commercial flights into Myanmar has been extended to August 31. The Burmese government is not issuing visas for visitors. All passengers on incoming flights must be approved, even if they already have a valid visa. You may need to complete up to 28 days quarantine and undergo Covid-19 testing. There are limited flights departing Yangon. Movement restrictions, including stay-at-home orders, curfews and quarantines, may be imposed at short notice.

United Kingdom:
If you're in the UK and your visa expired between January 24 and July 31 2020, you'll now be given an extra month's grace period (until 31 August) to leave. The grace period also applies if your visa is expiring in August. Don't assume any further extensions or grace periods will be granted. If you travel to the UK, you'll need to self-isolate for 14 days, unless you've spent the past 14 days in countries listed as exempt.

A state of alert exists in Romania until at least mid-August. Many airlines have suspended flights and some airports remain closed. It's mandatory to wear face masks in indoor and outdoor public spaces and on public transport. Only Romanian and EU citizens, their family members, and those with valid residency permits can enter Romania.

The entry ban for most foreign travellers has been extended until 31 August. There are exemptions for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, US residents travelling for essential reasons, as well as diplomats, seasonal workers, caregivers and international students, immediate family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Exempted travellers are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine.


Latest travel advisories for SE Asia, UK, Canada The Thaiger News.

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