PM denies, downplays protesters’ harassment claims

PM denies, downplays protesters’ harassment claims
PM denies, downplays protesters' harassment claimsthaivisa

PM Prayut Chan-ocha today downplayed student protestors' claims that his government was stalking and harassing them. Student activists, Panusaya (Roong) Sithijirawattanakul, spokesperson for the Thailand Student Union and Parit (Penguin) Chiwarak posted this morning that they were about to be arrested by government authorities at 5am, but no arrests were made.

“Anyone can post anything online. They said they are being followed by officials but have any arrests been made yet?”

Prayut said that if the protesters broke the law the government must prosecute accordingly, but pointed out that many people are against the government enforcing laws on students.

“They should not be using this opportunity to disrupt peace within the society.”

Prayut also played up a right wing media talking point that there were third party funders for the student movement including overseas anti-monarchist groups.

“We have to see if anyone is behind this student movement. They can protest because it is their constitutional right but they should not be breaking any law by doing so.”

Despite receiving instructions from the palace not to use the lèse-majesté law to arrest dissidents, the government has used other means to intimidate student protesters, including security laws enacted to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Other laws have also been used against protest leaders like the charges filed against prominent human rights lawyer Anon Numpa and Nutchanon “Mike” Payakaphan, who the government has said are guilty of inciting sedition.

SOURCE: Thai Enquirer

PM denies, downplays protesters' harassment claims The Thaiger News.

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