how to change the port of hestiacp?

how to change ther port of hetiacp?

how to change the port of hestiacp?

There may be times when you need to of the hestiacp you are using.

For example, connecting with is a representative case.

Can I use HestiaCP behind Cloudflare CDN?

By default the Cloudflare Proxy supports only a limited number of ports. This means that Cloudflare will not forward port 8083, which is the default port for . To change the Hestia port to one that Cloudflare will forward, run this command:

v-change-sys-port 2083

If you want to change the default port to a new port, you can change it with the command.

Enter the number of the port you want to change after the command.

For more information, please check the official documentation of hestia.

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