First listing in Japan, bitbank announces handling of game specialty chain Oasys (OAS)

First listing in Japan, bitbank announces handling of game specialty chain Oasys (OAS)

First listing in Japan, bitbank announces handling of game specialty chain Oasys (OAS)

Oasys goes public for the first time in Japan

bitbank, which operates a major crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange in Japan, announced on the 31st that it will start handling OAS, the native token of the domestic game-specific blockchain “Oasys”.

This is the first time for Oasys (OAS) to be listed on a domestic exchange. As the key currency of Oasys, a game-specific blockchain, OAS has payment methods within the ecosystem, payment of gas costs on the side of the executor of smart contracts (automatic contract function), and staking functions.

Oasys Pte. Ltd, a Singaporean development company leading the Oasys project, emphasizes the importance of the Japanese market as the world's third largest game market after the United States and China.

In the future, as many game companies, including major ones, enter the market in earnest, it is expected that the number of players interested in blockchain games will expand dramatically. Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys said:

Japan, which fell behind Europe and the United States in Web2, will try to catch up with Web3. Blockchain games are an area where Japan's strengths in IP (intellectual property) and game development capabilities can be used.

At this time when the blockchain game market is about to start up, it is extremely important to boost the game ecosystem centered on Japan, and we will further contribute to the development of the industry with the token listing on bitbank.

Handling details, such as currency pairs and trading methods, will be reported in a timely manner.

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Japan’s largest game company participates

Oasys is a blockchain built for gaming IP (intellectual property) holders and gamers based on the concept of “Blockchain for The Games”. By adopting the consensus building algorithm PoS (Proof of Stake), we will eliminate the transaction fee (Gas fee) for game players, which has been a major issue so far, and speed up the transaction process.

It is also known that the largest game companies in Japan and Web3 related companies are participating in the initial validators (approvers). The 21 partners include Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco Labs, GREE, bitFlyer and Aster.

Atsushi Kuwabara, General Manager of the Business Development Department of Bitbank Co., Ltd., said that he hopes that the Oasys chain will become the foundation for the full-scale involvement of the Japanese game industry in the GameFi (NFT game) area, leading to the expansion of the ecosystem. rice field.

At bitbank, we selected this project with the hope that many people will know about it as a globally challenging blockchain project originating in Japan, and that it will serve as an opportunity for domestic game operators to step into the web3 domain.

Initial validators connect to the blockchain network and function as nodes that verify whether transactions on the chain are correct or not, as well as explore research and development of next-generation Web3 games.

On January 19th, Oasys announced that it launched governance as a decentralized decision-making process. In addition to trying to decentralize the project, we will discuss the development of the blockchain game industry, such as standards for interoperability of NFTs specialized for games and metaverses.

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First listing in Japan, bitbank announces handling of game specialty chain Oasys (OAS) Our Bitcoin News.

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