Huobi Global and PrimeEarn provide one of the best experiences and profits

Huobi Global and PrimeEarn provide one of the best experiences and profits

After the de-pegging between stablecoin UST and the US dollar, investors are sitting back and monitoring the price trends of the market.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market by 24-hour trading volume, showed signs of rebound, crossing the US$30,000 level and posting its biggest gain since May 15.

However, there are still many traders reeling from the effects of the latest Luna crash, and they seemed to have lost confidence in cryptocurrency. Indeed, the nature of assets is different from other financial products. The former is not affected by the daily limit (up or down), nor is it limited by the trading time. After the Luna crash, choosing an appropriate financial management method and reducing risks to the maximum has become a basic skill for many investors.

In order to encourage crypto adoption despite the depressed market, Huobi Global introduced PrimeEarn last year, a high-yield suite of financial management products for depositing mainstream assets, enabling investors to earn stable, guaranteed returns even during various market conditions.

Launched every Tuesday, PrimeEarn is seeing increasing popularity among users, with all of the products at its most recent event sold out within a minute. Investors stand to gain up to 30% APY for staking mainstream assets such as BTC, ETH, and USDT for 14 days, with no cap on the amount deposited. The total deposit pool accumulated by PrimeEarn in the past month (five events) stands at 540 million USDT, and the total interest is given out hit 3 million USDT. 

We explore the reasons behind such popularity. Today, we invited Maxen, a loyal fan of Huobi PrimeEarn, to share with us his crypto journey. 

Hello Maxen, please tell us how you started your trading career. 

Maxen: I entered the crypto industry 6 years ago. At that time, digitalization is taking the world by storm, and crypto, being a part of digital finance, is disrupting the global economy. I wanted to get ahead and ride the wave of disruption. Till now, I can still remember how excited I was when I sold US$1,000 worth of Bitcoins! 

How did you get to know PrimeEarn?

Maxen: I chanced upon the PrimeEarn event on 's official Twitter at the end of last year,  and I was immediately attracted to its 12% APY for USDT fixed deposits.  Since then, I have been paying attention to this event. In fact, I've been looking for a safe and high-yield platform for a long time. I have actually wanted to invest in blockchain, but after considering the high risks on-chain poses currently, Huobi PrimeEarn came at the right time and suits my needs the most. 

Tell us why you prefer PrimeEarn over other investment products. Can you share with us your gains?

Held every Tuesday, PrimeEarn gives out more than US$100 million interest each time – something that is quite unique in the industry. The rules to join the event are also flexible – 

you can either team up or deposit independently to win high APY. After the team-up rule was introduced, I met many like-minded traders and we gained profits together. The friendships forged were definitely worth more than profits alone. Right now, I am just looking forward to every Tuesday to join the PrimeEarn event!

As for gains, I am pleased to share that I got 40% APY three consecutive times, more than the 12% APY Huobi has advertised! 

What do you think are the advantages of PrimeEarn compared to other financial management products in the market?

Maxen: As someone who does thorough research and makes comparisons across multiple products before making a long-term investment decision, I found out that Huobi PrimeEarn provides the highest yielding the market.

APYs for mainstream assets offered by many crypto platforms are often no higher than 7% — APYs provided for USDT deposits typically range between 3-7%, while APYs offered for ETH deposits range from 1-5%. As for BTC, regular deposits available in the market usually bring in APYs of just 0.66-1%,  in contrast to the 3% offered by Huobi PrimeEarn.

What's more, I can enjoy up to 30% and 20% APY for USDT and ETH deposits when I form a team with others and trade together.  

You just mentioned something about the team event. Can you share more on this?

Maxen : We can form teams with others and trade together, and each team will be ranked based on its total deposit amount. There are three tiers based on the deposit amount, and the top three teams will be selected from each tier to enjoy the highest APY offered. As mentioned earlier, you can win up to 30% APY for USDT and up to 20% APY for ETH, which is much higher than deposits alone. 

I also observed that PrimeEarn adjusts the top APY based on market conditions — as the market falls, so do the earnings. But this does not affect PrimeEarn offering the highest APY in the market.

Seems like you are already a seasoned trader, any investment experience you'd like to share? Any advice you have for those who would like to join the PrimeEarn event?

Maxen: The market fluctuates with a high risk of staking on-chain. Personally, I like to invest a larger proportion in fixed deposits, a moderate proportion in crypto-asset holdings, and a small proportion in futures or options trading.

In addition, choosing a safe exchange to invest your assets in is also important, and Huobi is definitely your best bet. This is because it has an excellent security record: zero major security breaches through its nine years of operation. 

And to join the PrimeEarn event, you should subscribe to Huobi's flexible deposit products first to get started. With such potential to earn high APY, I must say this is not a chance to be missed!  

To join the 18th PrimeEarn event and win up to 30% for USDT deposits, click here

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

Huobi Global and PrimeEarn provide one of the best experiences and profits Our Bitcoin News.

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