MIYAVI participates in Oasis TOKYO × The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Area” creator contest judge | coindesk JAPAN

MIYAVI participates in Oasis TOKYO × The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Area” creator contest judge

MIYAVI participates in Oasis TOKYO × The Sandbox Experimental Liberation Area creator contest judge

Hosted by CoincheckOasis TOKYO × The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Zone” Creator ContestKnown as a world-famous guitarist as a judge ofMIYAVIThe participation of Mr.

MIYAVI is one of the world-wide Japanese artists who just celebrated the 20th anniversary of his major debut in 2022. He has attracted attention from all over the world for his unique “slap playing style”, in which he plays the electric guitar with his fingers instead of using a pick, and has successfully completed eight world tours with more than 380 live performances in about 30 countries. .

The Oasis TOKYO x The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Zone” Creator Contest is a call for works to be exhibited in the world-famous metaverse “Oasis TOKYO” (inside The Sandbox). It will be exhibited in the city “Oasis TOKYO”, and the land of The Sandbox will be presented to the excellent work as a supplementary prize.

MIYAVI will serve as a judge along with Kenji Kohashi, International Olympic Committee member Yuki Ota, voxel artist VEN Mashu, and Coincheck Managing Executive Officer Kensuke Amaha. We are also planning to appear at the online event to announce the results in early March.

Various events are planned to be held at Oasis TOKYO in the future. A collaboration project with Mr. MIYAVI has also been decided, and music events such as live performances are also under consideration.

This contest is your chance to have your work seen by a large audience.Contest entry deadline23:59 on February 1, 2023Up to

Click here for the application event page

Overview of Oasis TOKYO x The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Zone” Creator Contest

The specific application method for the contest is to fill in the following five points in the application form.

(1) Your email address
(2) Title of the work
(3) Thoughts and introductions put into the work (within 300 characters)
(4) Attach a GIF or MP4 file *The work in motion
(5) Post works and hashtags on Twitter
URL posted with “#OasisTOKYO Creator Contest” attached.
(Please post as an animated GIF file or MP4 file)

Results will be announced at an online event.
Details of the online event will be announced separately on the Oasis official Twitter account (@Oasis_pj) or the coin check homepage.
We will also notify the winners by email in advance.

Asset creation conditions are as follows.

(1) Use “VoxEdit”, a dedicated editor tool for “The Sandbox”
(2) Create using a template* (can be unlocked)
(3) Production of assets within 5,000 faces
(4) No more than 120 asset nodes
(5) The maximum size of the asset is 512 voxels (16 blocks in height), and the floor print must not exceed 512 x 512.
(6) Multiple entries are possible
(7) Buildings and monuments are excluded

*Small Human, Medium Human, Large Humanoid, Giant Human, Small Mammal, Medium Mammal, Medium Primate, Large Mammal, Riding Mammal, Medium Bipedal Reptile, Large Bipedal Reptile, Giant Bipedal Reptile, Giant quadrupedal reptiles, small birds, medium-sized birds, medium-sized groundbirds, large birds, giant birds, small-sized fish, medium-sized fish, large-sized fish, large whales, large winged quadrupeds, large dragons, large arachnids

The deadline is February 1, 2023.


  • Mr. Kenji Kohashi
  • Yuki Ota | International Olympic Committee Athletes Commissioner, International Fencing Federation Director
  • VEN Mashu | TheSandbox Voxel Artist
  • Mr. Kensuke Amaha | Managing Executive Officer, Coincheck Co., Ltd.
  • MIYAVI | Samurai Guitarist

announcements and benefits

The results will be announced at an online event held from late February to early March.

Winner benefits

excellent work
LAND in The Sandbox
Set up application assets as NPCs in the “Oasis TOKYO” experimental open area

Prize-winning work
Set up application assets as NPCs in the “Oasis TOKYO” experimental open area
* There is a possibility that there will be multiple excellent works and prize-winning works.
* “LAND” presentation is for domestic residents

Click here for the application event page

What is the contest theme?

The theme of the contest is “Free yourself and express who you want to be!”

One of the great attractions of the Metaverse is that it transcends age, gender, and physical limitations, allowing you to take on any form you want. If it's about changing the size of the body, it's a moment. Can easily assume non-human form. You can take a leisurely walk in the form of a dog, or you can roar as a dragon.

This time, it is a special place called “Experimental Liberation Area” that will be set up in one corner of “Oasis TOKYO” to express “another aspect” of yourself.

Please refer to the explanation video below for a specific production image of the submitted work and get inspiration.

Click here for the application event page

What kind of place is “Oasis TOKYO”?

What is Oasis TOKYO?Explaining the charm of a near-future city built on the Metaverse

Oasis TOKYO is a project to build a “futuristic city in 2035” on the vast land of The Sandbox (LAND 24 x 24, 576 sections). It is planned to be used as a community base for Metaverse x NFT.

The creative director is Kenji Kohashi, who was the show director for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and is currently the event planning producer for the 2025 Japan World Expo (Osaka, Kansai Expo). It is a place where people can live comfortably as they are, and aims to become an oasis for many people's hearts.

Oasis TOKYO has streets, museums, live houses, stadiums, etc., where you can appreciate the works and live performances of artists from various fields, interact with each other, and enjoy various events. A public release is planned for the future.

They have already announced collaboration plans with brands such as Haruna Kojima's lifestyle brand “Her lip to” and fashion brand “ANREALAGE”, as well as artists and talents such as guitarist MIYAVI and model Kiko Mizuhara.

What is an “Experimental Liberation Zone”?

The best works of the contest will be exhibited in an area called the “Experimental Liberation Zone”. This is a space where companies and individuals can experiment under the theme of “liberation” for “experiments to create a new society.” For example, aim for the following image.

・A place to reconsider your identity and face yourself
・ A place where GIVE & GIVE works on social issues and SDGs
・A place where business collaboration between creators and companies becomes active
・A place of love that transcends nationality and gender

Here, the policy is to create a future-oriented new community that cannot be realized in the real world, and a place to rebuild interaction with people.

What kind of assets will you create when you spend time in such a liberated area? And what kind of thoughts do you put into that asset? The organizers are calling for submissions of a wide variety of works.

Click here for the application event page

|Sentence/editing: btokyomembers
|Image: Coincheck・The Sandbox

MIYAVI participates in Oasis TOKYO × The Sandbox “Experimental Liberation Area” creator contest judge | coindesk JAPAN Our Bitcoin News.

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