Nexon Participates in Game-Specific Blockchain “Oasys” Validator

Nexon Participates in Game-Specific Blockchain “Oasys” Validator

Nexon joins Oasys

It was revealed on the 31st that NEXON, a major game development company, will participate as a validator for , a game-specific blockchain developed in Japan.

Founded in South Korea in 1994 and now headquartered in Tokyo, distributes over 80 titles of various online games in more than 190 countries. The number of registered users for the RPG game “MapleStory” has reached 180 million.

Oasys plans to add a total of four companies as second group validators. Three companies, KDDI and Softbank, including Nexon, have announced their participation so far, and the remaining one company is expected to go public.

Oasys is a blockchain project specializing in games with the concept of “Blockchain for Games”. The consensus building algorithm adopts the PoS (Proof of Stake) method, which is also environmentally friendly.

The 21 initial validators that operate the Oasys chain consisted of major domestic game companies such as Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco Labs, and GREE, as well as Web3-related companies such as bitFlyer and Aster.

Oasys validators connect to the blockchain network and function as nodes that verify whether transactions on the chain are correct or not, and explore the research and development of next-generation Web3 games.

What is a validator

A node that verifies the validity of data recorded on the blockchain.

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Delivering Fun, Innovative Web3 Games

Sunyoung Hwang, production director of MapleStory's blockchain version of MapleStory Universe, said that joining Oasys shared the mission of providing players with fun and innovative gaming experiences.

As an industry leader constantly exploring new and sophisticated mediums for gaming, partnering with the equally gaming-first Oasys blockchain felt a logical choice. We look forward to more exciting things to come from our partners.

Daiki Moriyama, director of Oasys, said he expects that along with KDDI and Softbank, which were announced earlier this year, Nexon will provide institutional support to further its mission of bringing blockchain games to the masses.

Nexon has a long history of creating some of the most beloved games known by millions of players around the world. We are very pleased to welcome Nexon to the Oasys ecosystem.

Oasys, which officially launched the project in December 2022, launched governance as a decentralized decision-making process in January. 2023 will be a governance trial period, and network improvement proposals will be limited to the Genesis Council, which is centered on Oasys' partner companies. Regarding voting, a function that allows general OAS token holders to participate will be implemented within the year.

Oasys' own token, OAS, will be available on the asset (virtual currency) exchange bitbank on April 3rd. bitbank will be the first to handle virtual currency exchanges in Japan.

As the key currency of Oasys, a game-specific blockchain, OAS has payment methods within the ecosystem, payment of gas costs on the side of the executor of smart contracts (automatic contract function), and staking functions.

Nexon Participates in Game-Specific Blockchain “Oasys” Validator 2

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What is Web3

The current centralized web is defined as Web 2.0, and refers to an attempt to realize a non-centralized network using blockchain. A typical feature is the use case of decentralized networks such as blockchain, such as access to dApps using virtual currency wallets.

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