Web3 Platform Gala Reveals Business Strategy for 2023

Web3 Platform Gala Reveals Business Strategy for 2023

Web3 Platform Gala Reveals Business Strategy for 2023

New developments in games, music and movies

Gala Entertainment Properties (Gala), a company that develops platforms for games, movies, music, etc., announced its business strategy for 2023 on January 29th. From the wide range of contents, this article introduces the contents of the presentation by narrowing down the points.

Gala Games goes mobile

First, in the game field, we will share updates such as the release of game development roadmaps and progress. In addition, we plan to incorporate game players on mobile devices, which is said to reach 3 billion people, into the Gala game world.

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Source: 2023 Gala Strategy – Expansion of Entertainment –

Specifically, in January we decided to acquire over 15 game titles owned by Ember Entertainment. With these games, mobile advances will begin.

In addition, we decided to use “$ GALA” issued by Gala as the main token for games, except for some.

Currently, 5 games are in operation in the game field, and 12 more titles are expected to be released in 2023.

Gala Music Full Launch

Next, in the music field, new partnerships are planned for 2023. This is expected to increase the exposure of artists participating in the Gala and improve the user experience. It is also expanding its platform globally by increasing its activities in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Gala Music currently distributes more than 150 songs by 32 artists, including Snoop Dogg, and aims to fully launch the platform by the end of March 2023. By the end of March, they also plan to integrate the Web3 wallet, release new songs every week, and introduce 15 to 20 emerging artists.

Distribution started on Gala Film

In the field of film, we will explore next-generation content formats that will allow audiences to immerse themselves in movies. In addition, we plan to remove the participation hurdles that existed in the traditional film industry so that creators of video, music, art, etc. can get job opportunities in film production.

Last year, Gala advocated a new form of entertainment called “Watch to Earn.” It also allows holders of related NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to participate in film production and earn rewards in the form of voting on script selection and casting.

There are currently seven films in production. Three of them are scheduled to start distributing on a decentralized node network this summer. In the first half of 2023, “Watch to Earn” is also expected to be introduced.

connection: Gala Film announces film production, partnership with Academy Award-nominated production company

Additionally, the entire Gala platform will be updated. Allow users to log in with social media integration. Starting with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Discord, the plan is to expand to other social networks.

In addition, it is planned to introduce “Gala Friends (provisional name)” with functions such as allowing users to invite friends to the game and easily share Gala on SNS. A user rewards program is also being considered.

Evolution of original blockchain

In addition to the Ethereum (ETH) chain, Gala operates and builds a platform on its own L1 blockchain “GYRI (tentative name)”. We will continue to develop this further.

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Source: 2023 Gala Strategy – Expansion of Entertainment –

In the first half of 2023, we plan to launch Blockchain Explorer and use the GYRI chain (tentative name) in game titles such as “Town Star”, “Champions Arena” and “Meow Match”, as well as in the music and film fields.

Plans for the second half of the year include further increasing the number of game titles that use GYRI and introducing a P2P marketplace. For developers, a bounty program for finding bugs and the release of toolkits are also planned.

Token related updates

Gala will also update its own token, $GALA. $GALA is a utility token for the Gala ecosystem. Changes to things like lockups, burns, and usage are expected to increase the long-term sustainability of Founders Nodes and benefit the ecosystem as a whole.

Founders Nodes are limited to 50,000 licensed nodes that support Gala Games. By running nodes, node operators can support mechanisms that give game players ownership of assets and content.

In addition, in order to increase the transparency of the amount of $GALA supplied, we plan to introduce an API of the asset (virtual currency) data site CoinMarketCap in the first quarter (January to March). Users will be able to view the circulating supply of $GALA on both the Ethereum and GYRI blockchains.

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Source: 2023 Gala Strategy – Expansion of Entertainment –

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